About Us

As the gallery owner of Adore Fine Art, I have been running an independent and contemporary fine art gallery for over four years, featuring the finest current artists and their artwork. I have a passion for art and a vision to offer a diverse range of both original paintings and signed collectible limited editions, as well as exquisite sculptures, to my clients and visitors.

With my background in recruiting, business development, and management, I have built a successful and reputable gallery that attracts internationally acclaimed artists, such as Fabian Perez, Todd White, and Craig Alan, as well as new and exciting talents, such as Yuvi and Carly Ashdown. I have also developed strong relationships with collectors, investors, and the local community, and have organised and hosted various events and exhibitions to showcase the stunning collections of art on display. My mission is to provide a beautiful and welcoming gallery space in Stoneygate, Leicestershire, where art lovers can discover and enjoy the best of contemporary art.

Oksana Smaditch, Gallery Owner