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Amylee was born in 1978 in Nimes in the South of France. A region where the colour rises in the light. Early on, she falls in love drawing and even painting. Determined, she will follow a path that will allow her to express and stimulate her creativity. From her artistic studies in correlation  to her jobs, but also now as a painter, Amylee sees life in colours! The shade is strong, radiant but also soothing and remains at the centre of her work.

In 2008, she decides to follow her deep desire: to paint full time. Amylee then uses all her skills and her influences together to paint artworks that will be light sources, vibrations, emotions. She finally chose acrylic paint, a technique that makes the art customers brighten as the varnish does for the paint. Pencils and pens remain dedicated to sketches.

In her portfolio, mainly figurative at the beginning of her career, Amylee Paris’ paintings gradually give way to a floral abstraction, an aesthetic around matter and time. Flowers and petals are closely related to possible paint accidents. Sometimes a portrait springs from this floral cycle, sometimes the vegetation remains the only decorative element. The unfolded palette is faded, glittering, textured, dotted with neon lights, perhaps in memory of the artist’s creative process in her multicoloured years.