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Fresh and inspirational florals on silk

Jo’s portrayals of meadow flowers and windblown grasses originate in her lifelong passion for nature and her experience of the Sussex landscape. Growing up in a rural environment gave her a great appreciation of the natural world and the countryside. In addition her father passed on artistic talent to Jo, but although she attended art college she is largely self-taught.

Jo’s intention is to distil the essence of nature and its magic into her paintings, which are created using mixed media on silk mounted on wood. She uses the silk as a canvas and builds up layers using a range of different materials to create a three dimensional effect. This layering process lends itself to the scenery that she paints, creating depth and texture which brings nature to life in each beautiful scene.

Jo likes to play with colour and this can dictate the composition of a painting. She spends all the time she can walking in the Sussex countryside and always has her camera to hand which allows her to capture a tableau as and when it happens. She enjoys putting her interpretation on a natural scene to give it a stylised, contemporary look.

On a personal note, Jo recovered from a life threatening illness two years ago, which has both given her a new perspective on the world and made her cherish life, particularly those things that are most precious to her. After her recovery she found she was painting with a renewed fervour which she believes is reflected in the emotional intensity of her work, impacting on the richness of the finished composition.

Originally from Nottingham, Jo moved on to London before settling in the countryside of West Sussex in 2004. She has exhibited and sold her work at art galleries throughout the country and worldwide.